Welcome to allrecipeszone.com. Is the climate too hot today? and want some cool items to drink/take in? Its better then go for Iced tea. Ice tea is one of the most refreshing item you can prepare by your own at your home itself. Do you know that iced tea can be prepared within ten minutes. Preparation of iced tea is almost equal to preparation of hot tea. So today let's start knowing how to make iced tea in trouble-free process and bang the hot summer, can also enjoy it in rainy season with your friends. 

Difficulty level: Easy
Serves: 1
Duration : 15 mins

200 ml water
3 tea bags of your choice
Ice cubes: 5
Lemon : half
2 Mint leaves

ICED Tea Preparation Procedure:
  • Add water to a bowl and boil it till the water gets bubbles.
  • Now off the stove and add the tea bags to the water and leave it 5-8 mins.
  • Remove the tea bag and make the tea water cool and after it got cool put in refrigerator for 2 hrs to make it chilled
  • Now take a big  glass and add 4 ice cubes
  • Add the lemon juice and 1 spoon sugar and the chilled tea water to it & mix it with spoon.
  • Now you can add sugar as per your taste, if more required.
  • finally add the mint leaves at top and serve chill.