All of sudden if we want to eat sweet most of the people go with kheer or vermicelli payasam but today we are going to see a variety of sweet made of vermicelli without using any milk in it, that Is nothing but samiya Kesari. This sweet is very easy to prepare and very tasty too. Try this vermicelli halwa recipe at home and make your day very special. Preparation process of Samiya Halwa recipe is described below.

Difficulty level: low
Serves: 3
Duration: 20 mins
  • Vermicelli: 100gms
  • Ghee 2-3 tbspn
  • Sugar 75 gms
  • Cashew 10-15
  • Allmonds 5-10
  • Eliachi 5-6 (powdered)
  • Raisins -10
  • Saffron color -1 pinch

Samiya Kesari Recipe Preparation Procedure :
  • Pour ghee in a pan and heat it .
  • Put cashews and almonds, fry for 1 min and take them into small bowl
  • Now add raisins in the same ghee and fry till they bulge out and once fried take them in a bowl separately
  • Now add the vermicelli to the remaining ghee and fry them till brown colour and off the stove and keep it a side.
  • Take a kadai  add 1 and half times of water of the vermicelli and boil the water (1.5 cup water for 1 cup vermicelli)
  • After water got heated well and at the time of bubbles, add the fried vermicelli and close the lid (cook for 5-8 mins).
  • Check the tenderness of the vermicelli and now add sugar to it, stir well till it gets tightened
  • Now add little amount of colour of your choice if required and stir well.
  • Add cashews almonds , raisins and elachi powder and stir till it gets condensed.
  • After all the water got evaporated, it slowly starts turning to sticky and juicy at that time off the stove and serve hot .
  • This can be also served after cooled.

  • Do not add more water as it becomes watery.
  • Do not add milk instead of water if so added it becomes kheer not halwa.
  • Can add more dry fruits of your choice like pista & nuts .